[WLS]JDBC Connection Pool 튜닝

    How to tune JDBC connection pools for production environments?

    Configuration of JDBC connection pools for production systems is a critical and important task to ensure stability and performance. Some general recommendations may help as a starting point for administrators:

    • set InitialCapacity = MaxCapacity
      This will ensure that all connections are opened during WebLogic Server start. As creation of a physical database connection is very expensive, all needed connections should be opened immediately and kept open.

    • disable shrinking by setting ShrinkingEnabled to false
      As mentioned above, creation of physical database connections is expensive, connections should be established once and kept during the complete lifetime of the WebLogic Server instance.

    • turn off refresh functionality if it is not needed  - please check JDBC Connection Pool Issues and Firewall between database and WebLogic Server above for more information.

    • set TestConnectionsOnReserve to true.
      This will ensure that connections are tested before they go to the application and are reopened if needed.

    • set TestConnectionsOnRelease to false.
      As connection testing is an overhead that should be avoided where possible, connection testing for connections that an application gives back to the pool is an unnecessary effort. As long as connections are tested during a getConnection, this is not needed.

    • set the number of connections in the JDBC pool equally to the number of execute threads that use the connections.
      This helps to avoid ResourceExceptions.


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