[WLS10] Administration Console 계정 변경 및 재 생성

    Solution1. 변경

    As there is no procedure to override the userid's password, you have to create a new administrator userid. For example create a userid "adminuser" with a password "Webl0gic!". Below are the steps to do this:

    1. Go to a command line prompt on the web server machine.

    2. Run setEnv to make sure that the environment is set correctly. Do this as follows:
        a. cd <PS_HOME>/webserv/<DOMAIN_NAME>/bin
        b. If using Windows, run setEnv.cmd:
           If using Unix/Linux, run setEnv.sh:
             . ./setEnv.sh (there is a dot "." then a space then ./setEnv.sh)

    3. Create an initialization file for the default authenticator as follows:
        a) Go to directory <PS_HOME>/webserv/<DOMAIN_NAME>/security and run the following command:
           java weblogic.security.utils.AdminAccount adminuser Webl0gic!.
           (Don't forget to add the "." it is needed.)
        This will produce/update a file called DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift.

    4. Delete (or rename) file DefaultAuthenticatormyrealmInit.initialized from <PS_HOME>/webserv/<DOMAIN_NAME>/servers/WebLogicAdmin/data/ldap
       (for single-server domain, the directory is <PS_HOME>/webserv/<DOMAIN_NAME>/servers/PIA/data/ldap/)

    5. Start WebLogicAdmin server, and the file you deleted (above) gets recreated using the DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift file as a template.

    6. You can now go into the console and fix the system password if you wish or keep using the adminuser account. To fix the system password from the console, do the following:
        a) Log in as adminuser
        b) Navigate to: Security Realms -> myrealm -> Users and Groups
        c) Click on 'system' hyperlink and then choose 'passwords' tab.
        d) Enter the new password. Then click save
    NOTE: By default, the web server uses the "system" user to start up WebLogic. So if you change the password for the system user, you will need to update file "boot.properties" with the new password. Otherwise, you'll get this error when starting WebLogic:
         <BEA-090402> <Authentication denied: Boot identity not valid

    To change the system password in boot.properties, do the following:
         1. Edit boot.properties.
             In multi-server domain, it is located at <PS_HOME>/webserv/<DOMAIN_NAME>/servers/WebLogicAdmin/security
             In single-server domain, it is located at <PS_HOME>/webserv/<DOMAIN_NAME>/servers/PIA/security
        2. Replace existing username/password entries with the new values. For example, if the password value, for 'system' user, is "WebLogic!", then enter the following in boot.properties:
        3. Restart WebLogic (ie startWebLogicAdmin or startPIA).
    After you restart WebLogic, it'll update the boot.properties file and encrypt the username and password.

     출처 : E-WL: WebLogic 9.2 and 10.3: Loss of Administrator Password [ID 658081.1]

    Solution 2. 재 생성

    1. cd {mydomain}

    2. $ ./setEnv.sh

    3. $ java weblogic.security.utils.AdminAccount pungjoo pungjoo .
       위 첫번째 pungjoo는 id 두번째는 password 입니다. 절대 id를 분실한 admin을 사용하면 안됩니다.
       예를 들어 weblogic admin 기본 user인 weblogic

    4. boot.properties file을 삭제하세요.

    5. myserver/ldap/DefaultAuthenticatormyrealmInit.initialized file을 삭제하세요

    6. pungjoo/pungjoo로 startup

    7. web console에서 pungjoo/pungjoo로 login후

    8. mydomain-> Security -> Realms -> myrealm -> Users -> 기존 admin user 선택 -> password : change..

    9. shutdown

    10. boot.properties 생성
    username=weblogic  <- 기존 admin
    password=weblogic  <- 위에서 변경한 pw
    11. startup

    12. mydomain-> Security -> Realms -> myrealm -> Users -> pungjoo 옆에 있는 쓰레기통 click으로 삭제

     출처 : http://www.javaservice.net/~java/bbs/read.cgi?m=appserver&b=weblogic&c=r_p&n=1152002747


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